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I’m Dealing With A Jealous Bridesmaid


My friend and I have been friends since 2nd grade. Our families are also close. I became engaged on September 19th and ever since then, my friend’s true colors is showing. Everytime I want to share good news with her about the wedding, she always just seems so uninterested. This spoils my mood, so then it becomes awkward, I’ve tried asking her straight out if she has a problem with me marrying my fiance and she always says “no”. Her mouth is saying no but her actions are telling otherwise. She’s not showing up to fittings, she’s disagreeing with every suggestion that I have for my own wedding. She doesn’t want to pay for anything. She’s just being really difficult to get along with. My fiance wants me to drop her from the wedding party and a part of me wants to too, but I don’t want to lose someone who’s been like a sister to me. Any suggestions?

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