The Hurt of Celebrating Christmas When You’re Missing a Loved one


During this festive time of year, for some people it is a very sad season for many reasons. For me I miss my family and friends back home that I’m not able to celebrate with this year and I also miss my dad and other loved ones that have passed away. Every day is hard missing someone that is no longer here, but during certain occasions like the holidays is when you really notice that void. You want to talk to them, see them, hug them and share in the occasion, but you are painfully reminded that they are no longer here with you on earth. This is when you have to remember the good times, recall all those wonderful memories of you and that person together. What silly thing that they did that made you laugh? What was your favorite thing to do together? What is one or more memorable thing that you will never forget about them? Reminiscing on the good times helps me not feel so sad about my loved ones that are no longer here. Plus it reminds me that I need to cherish the time that I have now with my family and friends that are still alive. Life is so precious and it can also be taken away without anyone expecting it. So don’t go days without telling and showing someone you love how much you care, spend quality time with them and give them your undivided attention. Create memories with them that will last forever. So chin up and try not to be so sad or get depressed during this joyous occasion. Celebrate with those near and dear to you now.

Khara Campbell
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