No Pain, No Gain? … Finding the Purpose In Our Pain

woman in pain

Have you ever wanted God to do something so bad that you became anxious over the situation? Or you felt it in your spirit that it was right but the physical was just not aligning with the spiritual? I like to think of moments like these as the labor pains of a blessing coming your way!

I imagine in the old days women did not have high tech doctor appointments to know if they were pregnant or not. I imagine a cycle was missed, or perhaps her woman’s intuition just told her she would be a mother in the coming months or season. Either way, our blessings sometimes arrive the same way.

Sometimes you can’t tell what the blessing is or how it’s going to arrive. You may not even be able to know just how close or how far along your blessing is, but you know it’s coming because God and your spirit has told you so.

Spiritually you are pregnant with expectancy! Look at the anxiety you feel in your spirit as false labor pains. It is simply put there to help you recognize and know that there is about to be a shift in your life that is getting ready to birth itself.  You don’t want to birth the blessing to early or too late; you want it to arrive in its due season and it’s rightful time.  When these “pains” began, seek your birthing guide, aka the Bible to remind yourself this season is a part of the process.

When anxiety and those “labor” pains come to remind you of your destiny, grit your teeth and praise God for the journey! Eventually you will birth that which he has prepared for you in due season. Learn and prepare yourself all you can so when your blessing does arrive, not only are you ready, but you are equipped having gained all your trials and experiences along the way.

What if someone promised you they would make you a billionaire, but under one condition… You would have to give up everything that is precious to you for one year? Would you do it?

Would you embrace this tough time, knowing that at the end of it all, you would have everything you ever wanted and more? If you answered yes, the same perspective should be applied to any other trial you may be forced to endure.

Sometimes the storm is intended to renew our minds, which is a blessing in itself. We should endure every trial, tragedy, and temporary setback knowing that in the end, God WILL give us the Victory!