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Woman Loses Arms & Legs After Getting Fake Butt Injections

April Brown was once a cosmetologist, fashion designer, and working mother of two daughters. She’s now a multiple amputee. Unlicensed cosmetic procedures led to life-threatening infections.

Professionals removed her limbs last year to save her life.

“I got the butt implants eight years ago,” said Brown. “For five years, I lived in pain. Excruciating pain.”

April Brown won’t identify the unlicensed practitioner who injected her with silicone. She will only say it was somewhere near Western and Manchester in Los Angeles. Brown tells us, her own lack of self-esteem issues are mostly to blame.

“They call it butt injections,” she says. “These things are done at pumping parties. They call it medical grade silicone but a lot of it is industrial grade silicone.”

Brown envisions a new career as a motivational speaker. Meanwhile, loving daughters Courtney and Dayne were grateful she was home for Mother’s Day.