10 Signs You Are Enjoying And Not Enduring The Single Life

single woman

1. You wake up and sleep alone without feeling miserable. You love having the bed all to yourself and not being awakened by someone else’s snore or noise.

2. You would rather hang out with your friends, or visit a family member than go out on a date with someone you don’t see a future with.

3. You are genuinely happy for your friends who are getting married or having a baby. You know that you too will have your time. It may not come soon, but you are confident and you trust in God’s perfect timing.

4. You have been in some not so good relationships, but you never lose hope in love. You know you have made mistakes in the past like everyone else. You know too, that these mistakes are nothing but lessons to make you a better partner in the future.

5. You are looking forward to the next chapter, but you are not desperate to get there. You take each moment one day at a time. You enjoy every single minute of being by yourself, and are still excited for the unknown.

6. There is no one to compromise with or ask permission from when you want to buy something or go somewhere. This is the stage of ultimate freedom. Who doesn’t like freedom?

7. When a friend asks for your company or invites you to for a vacation or a coffee date, you are always available for them. This is a great time for you to serve your loved ones by simply being there.

8. Weekends are for alone time or activities planned with people you enjoy being with. You get to choose what you want to do and with whomever you want. You are not forced to meet a partner’s friends and hang out with them.

9. You spend some of your free time volunteering in your community. This phase in your life is a perfect time to give back and do purposeful things.

10. You have a plain canvass, and you get to choose what to paint. You can either follow the lead of others or settle down. You can sit still and continue to enjoy this stage, because this is your moment. This is your time to be the best that you can be.

Not everyone is in the phase where you are now. Not everyone has been privileged to live the free life that you have.

So you own it and enjoy it while it lasts.