10 Things You Should Do To Heal Emotional Pain

9. If your suffering is a result of mental illness, seek treatment, and do not be ashamed.

I was diagnosed with PTSD, and then depression. Once I accepted this for what it was – a disease – and was treated well – both with medication and therapy –  I was truly able to heal.

Just as it’s not possible to heal a broken leg without medical treatment (outside of a miracle), so too is it not possible to cure mental illnesses without medical treatment.

You need professional help, and the great news is that medical treatment is available.


Written by Elisha


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Yeah truly

Time heals nothing. Pain only gets worse over time. Time may allot things to be placed into right perspective, but emotional wounds are only healed in the presence of The Lord. ~Pastor Jimmy Evans

I am good too go. I hope everyone is .it did not affect me that much had not seen him for a while . So i was ok .


follow the way GOD shows you.. it may sound simple but it’s the only way away from all emotional pains… I know this as a fact.

Great read Cecilia Mosqueda McClure thought you would like it. I needed it today.

That’s a good one for sure!

Yes so true

In Jesus name.Amen

Anyone paste the 10 things? Thank you

Ooh my God thank you Lord for such article it has open sumthing in me

Amen, I pray God to heal my emotional in Jesus name

We will be healed cc in his name as I’m also going through brokenness

In the name of Jesus their is a healing.