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12 Christian Qualities to Look For in Mate

Christian Man

Christian Man

Physical attraction can cloud your judgment and cause you to make decisions based strictly on feelings.

Be armed and dangerous (spiritually) while dating, and plan ahead by keeping these vital qualities in mind when making a decision on Mr. Right.

Here are 12 Things To Look For In A Future Spouse

Relationship with God

If God is at the center of their life, you can be sure He’ll be at the center of your marriage.

This is helpful because rather than fighting different battles in the flesh you can do it through the Holy Spirit.


Watch how they treat people. When you go to a restaurant how do they treat the server?

This is a huge indicator of where their heart is and how they will treat you over the long haul. You want a spouse that will value and esteem you.

Unconditional Love

Do they do things out of the kindness of their heart or are they opportunists?

Someone who often does good deeds expecting nothing in return has learned the art of unselfishness and will be a joy to live with.


An authentic soul is a rare jewel. If you have found someone that has this quality, hold on to them.

If a person tells countless lies and shows no remorse behind it; run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.


This is best observed in how they treat their family and friends. Do they prioritize these relationships and make time to cultivate and maintain them?

A loyal spouse is a steadfast support system in the midst of inevitable change.

A Cheerleader

Your spouse will either be your biggest cheerleader or your greatest discouragement.

Find out whether or not this person is truly interested in your dreams, wishes and aspirations. Be invested in their goals too.

Opposites Attract

Do you complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses?

It’s great to have things in common but it is equally important that you two will be able to sharpen one another and grow in greater maturity.

Sense of Humor

A little laughter can go a long way and can cut through the twists and turns in life. Find someone that can make you laugh and that can bring peace to stressful situations.

Good With Kids

The ability to be gentle, kind and tender with children will be a plus if you plan on having kids.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it’s nice to have a playful partner from time to time. It will keep you young and bring joy to family life.

They build you up

Do they make you feel whole or torn?

Emotional damage from a spouse can take the longest to heal. Your spouse should build you up and protect you emotionally. Your heart should trust safely in them.

Listens and Speaks With Love

Watch their listening style and see if they are truly listening or just waiting to make their next point.

An active listener always considers the other person and seeks to understand before being understood.

Prayer Life

Does this Christian man prioritize prayer, Bible reading and quiet time with God?

A person who places a value on spiritual disciplines and nurturing a proper inner life, will place value on Holy Spirit guided decisions that will bless your marriage relationship for years to come.