11 Bible Stories That Gives Us Hope

1. Abraham

It gives us hope to know that faith in God does not go unrewarded.

Like Abraham who uprooted from his land and people to follow God’s command to go to a land that He will show him.

It also shows us that God is with us every step of the way.

2. Gideon

It gives us hope that like Gideon we can have the victory as long as God is on our side. Numbers do not matter with God. Once we have Him we are the majority.

3. Daniel

It gives us hope that like Daniel we can walk into the lion’s den with all the odds against us and still come out victorious. 

Simone Williams

Written by Simone Williams


Simone is a high-school teacher who loves reading especially the Bible and spending time in prayer.

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Ethan Eadens

Beautiful, Sister! And so succintly and eloquently stated. I wouldn’t change a word. Keep doing what you’re doing and may God bless your ministry.

Karen Rivera

Hope….HOPE! Hope..do you have it?


Sanni David

This is nice don’t stop here keep it going

I need to join yoh

Amen…. Thank GOD 4 this


That,s true !

Amen.#Namazzi faridah

Amen thank you Lord Jesus

Yes yes yes, awesomely yes

I wanna flip it pancakes! B LM uer berries


Amen in Jesus Name


James Alisha Moya



I know that’s right because lords knows the parts I played in 2008 till now. I definitely admit this nigga has jealousy problem after he knows wat he did he still not happy. But as long as I focus ahead n still be able to interact with people they will eventually know the truth for themselves stayed the same just want more now #goodlife I will never talk to you again

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