3 Tactics The Enemy Uses to Defeat You

Strategies Satan Uses Against Us

Strategies Satan Uses Against Us

The game of chess is an interesting game where one tries to capture the king to become the victor.  

I love how this game provides an opportunity for the underdog to win.  It’s not over until its over.  Even if all the major playing pieces are taken, its still possible to win.  

In chess, the pawn can become a queen.  The pawn is merely an underdog until it makes its way to the other side and changes the trajectory of the game. The game of chess requires perseverance and patience.  

How many of us give up before the end of the game? Is it because we are weary and tired?  Or have we lost the confidence to believe that we can win?

In life, Satan can play us like pawns in his game of evil.  He throws temptations in our path trying to lure us away, he whispers lies in our ears to make us doubt and seduces us to believe life is better in the green grass.  He waits until we are at our weakest, most desperate moments to make his move.  He is evil and uses sneaky strategies to make us move where he wants us.  

We don’t have to fall victim to Satan’s evil schemes.

Here are 3 Strategies Satan Uses Against Us…

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