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Don’t Let The Devil Fool You

Don't Let The Devil Fool You

Don't Let The Devil Fool You

Don’t know if you have been up to date with the current scams going on out there, but every week hackers and scam artists are crafting ever so creative new ways to scam us all. 

It seems every week I get a phone call from the IRS saying they have a warrant for my arrest for unpaid taxes.  Or I get an email phishing for personal information impersonating my bank or fake profile friend requests on Facebook. 

The hacking and scam attempts have become so heightened to the point the IT Security team at my work sends me a scam of the week email with the new bad guys scams. 

Just like these online predators, the enemy likes to invade when we least expect it. 

With all the new technology and security measures in place, the little thieves in waiting learn how to adapt and discover different ways to break the boundaries of security to rob us of our identities and take everything they can get at our expense! 

I appreciate my work emails warning me of the ever evolving and lingering scams waiting to attack and invade my bank accounts.  Their message is know before the scam.  If it weren’t for them warning me I may fall victim to even more scams. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were all warned about the scams and tricks of satan before the attack?  A Scam of the Week email would be nice right?

These scams remind me of the Bible verse, “Watch out for false prophets.  They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.”  Matthew 7:15

Imagine a wolf lurking around wearing a sheep’s costume.  I know this isn’t possible, but just think for a moment what does a wolf gain by pretending to be a sheep?  His next meal. 

“For even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.”  2 Corinthians 11:14

So how do we detect the bad guys and scam artists when they’re wearing disguises, mimicking the familiar in our lives?

“you will recognize them by their fruits….”  Matthew 7:16

When you meet a person you can tell what kind of fruit exists in their lives.  Is there kindness, gentleness, love, peace, patience or joy?  Or do they have anger, bitterness, brawling, malice or deceit?

One reason our IT Security team tells us don’t ever reuse old passwords is to protect ourselves from the bad guys. 

God wants us to do the same thing.  He doesn’t want us to leave the door wide open for the enemy to come walking in.  He wants us to,  “Be on your guard;  stand firm in the faith;  be courageous;  be strong.”  1 Corinthians 16:13

God wants us to stay alert and aware of our surroundings.

The enemy will always, “prowl around like a roaring lion, looking for anyone to devour” 1 Peter 5:8.  Peter tells us in the first half of the verse to be sober-minded, be alert.  You never know when or where the enemy will attack, it’s always when we’re off guard, when we least expect it. 

How can we detect what is genuine and what is fake?  How do we decipher between the lies and the truth?

By comparing them to God’s Word.  A lie will never stand a chance against God’s truth. 

“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever” Isaiah 40:8

Maybe you’ve been hurt by a someone who you thought was your friend, but turned out to be someone you really didn’t know at all.  Maybe you’ve been deceived or even betrayed.  Or maybe you’ve been burned by a scam artist who enticed you into a get rich quick scheme. 

Whatever your situation is we all have been scammed in one way or another. No one likes to be scammed. Know the scam before the attack.

Stay alert.  Be watchful.  Be smart.  Stay in prayer.  Consult God first.  Test lies against God’s Word and see which one prevails.   

What do you do to protect yourself from being scammed?

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