Battling the Spirit of Loneliness

the Spirit of Loneliness

the Spirit of Loneliness

Loneliness seeped into my life-like a thief in the night when I became an empty nester. I longed for human connection and companionship. The same the spirit of loneliness I had at home I carried it to school, work, and church.  It tormented me day and night.

During this season in my life I felt an empty void with no one to talk to. I felt lonely, mentally confined, and emotionally disengaged. The longing for companionship continually knocked on my door day and night.

I tried to overcome this feeling by reconnecting with old friends. But, our conversations and interests were no longer compatible.

Don’t Give in to Loneliness…

One day, while out shopping I ran into an old boyfriend. We locked eyes in the freezer section of the grocery store. He struck up a conversation. We lost track of time catching up on life events. We exchanged numbers and the relationship began.

When we began dating I knew we were unequally yoked. But after dating a while I began to get further and further away from God. I knew I had to end the relationship.

So, I started volunteering at a local non-profit organization. In spite of my busy schedule the break-up intensified the aching void of loneliness, restlessness, and isolation.

I hoped and prayed for comfort and contentment, but to no avail a continual feeling of loneliness consumed me.

I knew in desperation I could end-up marrying the wrong person. My constant thought was; If God doesn’t deliver me, how can I ever break free?

It was that longing to be loved and accepted that plagued me. I asked God why do you have me in this lonely place?

If I knew the purpose of this pain, then maybe I could change my course.  But, if I remained ignorant of the why, then the spirit of loneliness will surely be my companion.

Overcoming the Spirit of Loneliness…

After crying out to God, my prayers were finally answered. I began working with the outreach ministry at my church. I love helping and serving the community.

God awakened my purpose and passion that was hidden deep within me. I became friends with a member of the outreach ministry. We had many conversations about life, ministry, passion, purpose and calling.

Once I focused on my passion and calling the spirit of loneliness dissipated. I can’t explain when it happened, all I know is it happened. I was no longer focused on remarrying or seeking human connection. God’s will and His divine purpose for my life filled that aching void.

If you are going through the spirit of loneliness you are not alone. Just as God delivered me, He will do the same for you.

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7

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