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4 Prayer Habits That Will Transform Your Prayer Life

2. Be very intentional and specific

God longs for prayer that draws us closer to his heart.

His first intention for prayer is that we will come closer to him in relationship. God is also a God of specificity. A cover-all prayer of, “Lord, please bless me, and please bless my family today” does very little to draw us closer to God or move in the hearts of our loved ones.

In my most powerful seasons of intercessory prayer, I pray from prayer list. My prayer list generally contains a heading with each day of the week written across the top of the page. Under each day of the week, I list a group of people in a certain sphere of influence in my life.

With about five to ten names per day, I pray for family members, past and present groups of friends, coworkers, church leaders, and more.

Stacey Pardoe