4 Signs Pride Is Blocking Your Blessings

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4 Signs Pride Is Blocking Your Blessings…

Wondering why God hasn’t rescued you yet? It may be that pride is keeping you from full restoration.

“Lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.” A leper presented himself to Jesus with those words.

He had a horrific illness and he asked Jesus to heal him. Jesus reached out his hand and touched the leper. Then He said, “I am willing. Be clean!” and immediately he was cleansed of his leprosy.

I have been studying humility and prayerfully pursuing a more humble mindset. It is God’s next step for me. I pray for healing. I have asked Him for restoration. And for the last two years, God and I have been dealing with my pride.

The leper’s experience with Jesus has my attention. I know very little about lepers and their disease, but I do know that they lived as outcasts in leper’s colonies. But this man somehow finds himself face to face with Jesus. Did he leave his colony when he heard the news of Jesus and His power to heal? However it happened, this man allowed his great need to move him to Jesus.

Leprosy is a disease this man couldn’t hide. The nature of his need was exposed. That exposure gave him freedom to admit his need to Jesus.

But many of us have great needs and we keep them quarantined. We separate ourselves from the need because we are ashamed and fearful. We find a way to interact with our world and then escape to tend to our brokenness.

Pride hides, but humility seeks. Humility knows it has needs and looks to the One who supplies them.

Here are 4 Signs Pride Is Blocking Your Blessings


Written by The Praying Woman

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[…] Are you in a season of waiting? You’ve been praying for something in particular for weeks, months, maybe even years, and still no answer. […]

[…] Are you in a season of waiting? You’ve been praying for something in particular for weeks, months, maybe even years, and still no answer. […]

I am not sure if this is pride or just not having peers look at me with open eyes, understanding, and know I can do with my hands as God has given me this gift though I may not be sufficient enough for MAN and its laws.

Arhhhh…… the timing of this . But I guess if you’ve been broken for so long maybe God doesn’t want to fix you 🙁

Allison Ann please read every word. Every day if you need to. I pray every night for healing from your anxiety and low self esteem. Maybe God is wanting YOU to ask him and to believe you are worth helping. I love you!

Wren Parker

Never, he’ll do it again ! Hes the same God now as he was back then I know
hell do it again ! You just know, he kept babies alive, he healed us when we were sick and hes there now right there with you. God has become your help if you allow them.

Correction-him not them.

Yes, we are like clay in the hand of potter to God .He knows the right way to put us in good shape

This one is good.



Amen.God is good all the time.


Thank you Jesus Amen

If uve thought more of ourselves then God intervene



Amen father


Andrew look what I just came across lol

Some valid points in that article. God will still bless us if we have pride, however, pride does keep us from recognising we need Him fully, because we believe ourselves to know better than He.