4 Things Single Christians Should Know

3. Don’t allow your relationship status to become an idol.

Those who pay regard to vain idols forsake their hope of steadfast love. – Jonah 2:8

I would describe an unhealthy consummation as:

Someone who’s allowed their relationship status to define them

Someone who’s overwhelmed by thoughts of finding a spouse

Someone who has stopped living and has literally become a lady in waiting; or

Someone who can’t think about anything but their wedding day each time they meet a guy

If this is you, I must issue a fair warning. You have made marriage an idol because you are focused on it more than you are focused on God.

God wants to have your attention more than anything else in this world. He’s waiting for you to pursue Him so that His blessings will pursue you.

It’s not like He doesn’t understand what you’re going through. He can relate to the desires that you have for a husband because He longs to have the same connection with you.

The moment that you repent and refocus on Him is the moment that you can start to live again with the joy and peace that you were meant to have.

Marcee Woodard