4 Things We Should Remember About Faith


1. Faith Is The Opposite Of Fear

First and foremost, faith is based in love, not fear. Fear (the opposite of faith) is of darkness. It is actually darkness, itself – a fact that can be easily proven by observing fear-based reactions.

However, faith (like love) is of the light. So, when we respond from a place of faith, we shine light to all around us, showing compassion, acceptance and unconditional love to others while empowering ourselves.

In times where our financial status, employment, relationships, health, etc. are in question, we tend to go into a state of fear. That is the opposite of faith. And, in fact, where faith is of the light, fear is of the darkness. In other words, fear not only threatens our serenity. It seeks to destroy our faith.

When we choose faith in the face of fear and decide to trust God, we are victorious over darkness. We are walking in true faith.

When we react from fear, our actions look nothing like love or light; they are behaviors that don’t align with Christ’s teachings. More to the point, they are typically destructive to others and self-sabotaging as well.