5 Things That Could Be Blocking God’s Work In You

1. Denial

Many people hang on to stubborn resistance just as Pharaoh did in the days of Moses.

Moses went to Pharaoh and asked to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Pharaoh resisted with entrenched stubbornness. So God sent plagues on Pharaoh’s nation to turn his thinking around.

Now, if I had been Pharaoh, I might have resisted Moses’ request to let my slaves just walk out of my country. But after the gnats, it would not have been a problem at all. If not the gnats, the flies surely would have turned my heart. One fly is enough for me. I know where those dirty, hairy little legs have been.

But the gnats and flies were not enough to break through Pharaoh’s stubborn resistance. Nor were painful, infectious boils. He remained stubborn until Egypt was utterly devastated. But still he stubbornly resisted, finally to his own undoing.

In this day and age, we do the same thing. We become kings of stubborn resistance in our own little worlds. Sometimes we develop habits and hang-ups we will not even think of releasing. We hurt ourselves and those around us, allowing boils to fester in almost every area of our lives.

Rather than looking for a way to remove these blind spots, we deny we have a problem.

If you realize you have a tendency toward stubborn resistance, be grateful, because it’s not easy for people to see their need to change in this area.

Stubborn resistance is by its very nature stubbornly resistant to change. So don’t expect to overcome it in a moment or a day. It will take time and work.

Open-mindedness is a valuable assessment tool, but it’s worthless unless it’s followed up with a willingness to act. A person with willingness goes beyond good intentions. There’s no “try” or “want to” for the willing.

The willing actually get things done. Willingness moves beyond desire to doing whatever it takes to make things different. Willingness lead to real change.