5 Ways You May Be Blocking Your Own Blessings

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Did you know that you can be your worst enemy? Your thoughts, words, attitude, and actions all have the power to block your blessings. We’re all on a spiritual journey to peace and happiness and in order for us to get there we must first learn to do what’s best for us spiritually.

Here are 5 Ways You May Be Blocking Your Own Blessings

1. Negativity-

Negative thoughts can become negative words, and we all know words have power. Negative thinking can keep us captive. We can unknowingly choke our own blessings with negative thoughts.

We tend to think that if we expect the worse then we will not be as disappointed if things do not turn out the way we had hoped.

It is time to stop speaking in a way that is inconsistent with what we want. Life is better when we keep a positive mindset.


Written by The Praying Woman

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Zanele Makombe

Lord Thnk you for evrything… Amen


Lord Jesus help me not to act on my own…

Some times we do block God, such a silly thing to do

Latoya Brunson Kendra Adeboyejo-Tyler

Aunt Kimberly

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You Lord for always waiting forus

Amen yes

Nik Hodgkiss

Thank you Lord for the your Grace

Lord help I am struggling big time. I don’t know what to do…

Mm so blessed and touched .true indeed

Wow! I love this article.Thank you for sharing

Thanks for sharing .

Choosing your life time partner is also chooses your future… only God can determine it.

More Grace Lord

Im a giving woman .eyes on God .I pray strenlth to keep running the race

Hallelujah !!! Prasie The Lord !!! Thank You Lord. ❤❤❤✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

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