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A Prayer for My Sisters


I pray that all young women recognize how worthy, gifted and beautiful they are! I pray that just because I typed “I pray” whoever is reading this doesn’t immediately decide they shouldn’t finish reading it. I pray that women understand that being a woman is more than a physical attribute or bearing children. I pray that for those entering adulthood they realize “just because you can” doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest (having sex, using drugs, talking like a drunken sailor-no offense to our sailors).

I pray that for those who are lonely that they recognize they don’t have to settle for anything just for the sake of “having a man”. I pray that those in unhealthy relationships (verbally, emotionally and/ or physically abusive—maybe even taking care of a man with no ambition) are given the strength to leave and are comforted while they heal. I pray for those who are angry, who have been heartbroken and who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. I pray for clarity and direction for the women who do not yet know what they need or want in a mate and just accept the first one who shows them attention. I pray for the young women who walk around half naked, in search of attention, because they don’t yet realize the treasure they are.

I pray for the women who are at a crossroads and just aren’t sure what they are supposed to do next, for those who are stuck between fitting in and doing what they know they should. As women of GOD we were not made to “fit in” we were made to stand out. People should notice there is something different about you. I pray that women have an example to follow and for those who don’t have one that someone is placed in their path that they can talk to, encourage, support, cry with and hug.

I pray that we keep praying for one another.