Are You Moving Closer To Fulfilling Your Dream?


What have you done today that will draw you closer to fulfilling your God implanted dream/vision/goal? Have you written a few pages of your manuscript, have you filled out that application for a new job, or to apply to college? Have you written out that business plan or did the research needed for that business you want to open? Did you put a little extra money aside to go towards the goal you want to fulfill? Did you take that class you’ve been wanting to take for so long? Or if you have already fulfilled that big dream, what are you doing to move forward? There’s always room to grow, have you positioned yourself to hear and receive knowledge to get to the next level in your fulfilled dream/vision/goal?

Don’t waste your time doing idle things when that time could be used towards fulfilling something great in your life. As a society we sometimes complain about not having enough time in a day to do things – but guess what, you are doing things. And like a popular saying goes “you make time for the things that matter most to you.” So maybe fulfilling your dream/vision/goal doesn’t matter to you – but it should. And I know that it’s not always easy, I still haven’t fully fulfilled my dream, but I carve out as much time as I can to work towards it. A little can go a long way as long as you’re consistent. Dream Big and get to work!

Khara Campbell
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