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  • When You Are the Other Woman

    Are you the other woman? Before you all jump to shout loudly no, let’s be real, many of us are choosing this path, or at least find ourselves on it and at that moment are faced with whether to jump right off or continue along. Some notable women have admitted […]

  • Dear God, I’m Waiting…

    waiting on god

    My eyes tell me to give up because this battle can’t be won, but my heart says to hold on a little while longer, and my spirit says God is going to work it out.

  • But What Am I Supposed To Do?

    Christmas is near and most of us are gearing up for a holiday spread or putting gifts under a tree. Today though, I want to ask you one question, what are you doing with the gifts God has given you for the world? Each of us was birthed for a […]

  • Are You The Other Woman?

    Hi ladies! I am so honored to be a new contributor on this site. I look forward to sharing more with you all as the days go by. I wanted to share a posting that has been on my heart. I wrote this a very long time ago at the […]