5 Ways to Break the Cycle of Toxic Relationships

toxic relationships

3. Recognize the Warning Signs

Did you stop and pray for God to reveal warning signs?

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the warning signs you may have overlooked in the past so you can quickly identify them when they come up again.

I used to long for love, badly. I wanted to feel adored. I looked for other people’s love to give me security. And that often led me into relationships with ungodly, possessive, and controlling men.

These relationships felt amazing at first because they were so intense but before I knew it I was back into an old pattern.

Why didn’t I see it coming?

Now that I look back I can see how I missed a lot of clues.

So what are some of the warning signs for your pattern?

You may have to look hard for these, as they can be disguised as an answered prayer, but really the enemy is using these things to lure you in like bait.

Identify the warning signs and you won’t get trapped so easily next time.


Written by Maya L. Ralston


Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

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Hello Maya, I wish to pour out my heart concerning a relationship that as I write to you now, the guy has ignored me for some months and when I call to know his intentions, he can’t really tell whether he’s broken up or not

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