I Will Not Be Shaken


Life happens and you either confront your problems or try to run away from them. I’m 19yrs. old and a few months ago began an ongoing battle to this very day I still struggle with.

I knew the word and have been in and out of church since I was young but this moment showed me who God really is.

Walking home I was abducted and sexually assaulted and through that horrible night I surprised myself.

As I tried to fight off my attacker I yelled “God please forgive me” and repeated this in English and Spanish as I am bilingual. The thought that I could die without salvation put me in full recognition that I was not right with the Lord. Before matters got worse and my attacker began choking me I yelled one last time, “God please forgive me for my sins, I’m sorry” and he immediately ran into his truck and drove off.

The rest is too long to tell but it is now months later and although I struggle to move on God is with me.

I did not understand why God listened because I wasn’t doing His will and in my desperation I called on His name. I wasn’t thinking of anything more than the thought that if I died I knew I wouldn’t be right in God’s eyes.

I went weeks isolating myself, hating myself for ignoring people who were trying to help but I needed to be alone.

Then again I am never alone, God is with me. I felt numb inside and was functional because I didn’t want to be broken but at times it was hard because all I wanted to do was cry.

Now I thank God for where I am and where I will be. I want my life back and no matter how bad this situation was I will not be held prisoner of the event that was set to ruin my life.

My prayers go out to anyone struggling with a battle, please just put things in God’s hands. I’m not saying I’m fully recovered just yet but I am eternally grateful that I am further than I thought I would be.

Yes this becomes apart of your life as it is your past but let it be your past. If you revolve your life around a tragedy, it consumes you. That’s just what the devil wants and although I am not perfect, God has my back.

Please pray for me and I pray that God sees you through everything life throws at you.

The Praying Woman
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