5 Ways to Break the Cycle of Toxic Relationships

toxic relationships

4. Clarify How You Really Want to Feel. 

What kind of relationship are you really hoping for? Describe it. Pray for it.

Most importantly, what does it feel like? Focus less on what the person looks like or what they do for a living. Focus instead on the feeling.

One of the reasons I was fortunate enough to end up with my husband was because I had had enough bad relationships to really force myself to understand the underlying feelings I was really longing for.

Not the on the surface feelings that were based on insecurities I had, like wanting to feel adored. But the real deep down feelings I hadn’t even realized I was longing for.

For me, what I truly longed for, what my soul wanted to live forever with, was a relationship centered around God.

A Godly man. That’s all I wanted.

So dig deep, what is it you are truly longing for? What are the feelings that would help you happily stay in a relationship/friendship forever.

When you identify the feelings you long for you won’t get as easily lured in by the triggers you’ve identified in #3 above.


Written by Maya L. Ralston


Maya is a Relationship Counselor and Certified Life Coach. She loves using her God given gifts to pour into the lives of others.

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Hello Maya, I wish to pour out my heart concerning a relationship that as I write to you now, the guy has ignored me for some months and when I call to know his intentions, he can’t really tell whether he’s broken up or not

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