Disowning Low Self Esteem: You Are Worth It!

low self esteem

I have four very powerful words for you that I want you to clench tightly to, and cherish forever in your heart no matter what situation you find yourself in when it comes to love and relationships. When this world tries to break you down and you find yourself hanging on to life by a thread, please remember this and let these words be your lifeline: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Can you recall a time in your life when you felt as if you were not good enough, like no matter what you try to do you will never be enough for any man? Have you ever crossed paths with men who have left you questioning your self-worth…Who have shone the torch so brightly upon your imperfections that you completely forgot that it is these very flaws that distinguish your splendour and make you who you are – A Queen, a daughter of the most High. Have all those past failed relationships left you so broken to the point where you just had no more fight left in you?

Life and love experiences can leave you feeling worthless and inadequate. Being rejected, being abandoned by someone who promised that they would never leave, losing the person that you thought was ‘the love of your life’, or being cheated on by someone whom you had fully committed to and placed all of your trust in can without a doubt be one of the most painful experiences any person can go through. It can leave you completely drained and questioning whether or not you are ‘enough’. You might find that you start comparing yourself to other women, or trying to change who you are, all in a futile quest to discover what is wrong with you, searching for answers as to why that man/those men could not see and appreciate your radiance.

I am here to remind you that YOU ARE WORTH IT. You should never allow any man to strip you of your self-confidence and self-worth. You deserve to bask in the splendour of your unique beauty. No one is that important that their opinion of you should override the absolute love and sacrifice that Jesus displayed on the cross to demonstrate to you that you are worth dying for. He gave up His very life and through His ultimate sacrifice you should hold strongly in your heart the truth you are loved.

It took me a very long time to discover my true self worth and despite the fact that I have always been quite a strong independent woman, there were times when I had been involved with the wrong men and had allowed them to cloud my judgement of who I was and what I am worth. If there’s one thing I learnt from it all, it is that everything happens for a reason and there is freedom in forgiveness. Set your heart free and patiently wait for your God-sent soul mate. The one who will acknowledge and appreciate your worth, flaws and all.