God Sees You Sis!

god sees you

1. He sees your distractions.

He’s responding, but we just can’t hear Him because we have too much noise in our spiritual ears.

When seeking an answer from God, be still. Quiet the noise and distractions around you, spend more time in His Word, pray, fast, and believe that He will answer.

You do this not because you want Him to answer, but because you know that He will answer.


2. He sees the condition of your heart.

There is unconfessed sin in your heart.

In Psalm 66 David said, “If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.” Allow the Holy Spirit to shine His light on your heart and reveal the unpleasing things.

When He does this, confess your sins and claim Jesus’ forgiveness.

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Felecia Datus
Felecia is a graduate of Andrews University with a passion for mission work. She enjoys writing devotionals that will inspire people to seek after God. She currently lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan.
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