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Good Things Come To Those Who Pray!

god ordained relationship

god ordained relationshipI can’t count the amount of emails we receive from people who say they “don’t know how to pray”.  Some simply have doubts that God even hears their prayers. Although there’s no “official” way to pray, I decided to share a few pointers that have changed my life tremendously!

Pray without Ceasing– Just because God doesn’t answer your prayer when you feel like He should, doesn’t mean He’s not listening. Continue to pray, Continue to trust and have faith that God will never forsake you. He hears you and He will answer you. –1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray for Others– Did you know that when we pray for others, God remembers those prayers in our time of need? For example, If you pray for others in need of financial blessings, God will be more than willing to bless you when you’re in need of financial blessings. –Job 42:10

Pray Unselfishly– It’s perfectly fine to have goals, dreams, and want to be successful. BUT remember, God uses us to be a blessing to others. If you’re praying for a blessing with no intention of being a blessing to anyone else, Maybe that’s the reason you’re still waiting.- James 4:3

Pray with a Forgiving Heart– This one took me a while to get. I used to pray that God would bless me, just so I could smile in my haters’ face and make them envy me even more. NEGATIVE! God does not participate in Foolery. So if you’re praying with hatred in your heart, I strongly suggest you squash it! Don’t block your blessings! –Mark 11:25