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Do Not Chime In, But Listen to God

Some call it the “third eye,” or like to envision their conscience as a little green Jiminy Cricket on their shoulder telling them what they should do or say. As I entered into adulthood, I became guilty of trying to listen to myself and follow my own actions. I had failed miserably. My goals and relationships with others began to suffer as I tried to take control over every aspect, making matters worse. I began to fill my cup with regrets. Things I should have said or done differently that would have changed everything. After many disappointments, I would pray in tears to hear God’s voice on what I should do. What am I doing wrong? When will you tell me what to do?

In reality, our Jiminy Cricket is God whispering to our hearts. At times we pray and get discouraged because we cannot hear him. Truth of the matter, he speaks but our own noise and chatter speaks loudly over him, especially when we want things to go a certain way. I cannot begin to count the number of times God spoke to me and out of fear I chose my own voice and my own way. I had gotten so lost in trying to do things on my own and thinking for myself that I lost sight of the voice that was the head of my life. I remember being waist deep in my sorrows and thinking of the ‘mess of life,’ as I like to call it. There were so many situations that were literally beating me down. In tears I prayed, no answer. In tears I asked God why he stopped speaking to me. His answer: you stopped listening. I was guilty of ignoring my heart and choosing what the world and others would most likey say or do.

Once your own voice has become a loud mouth in your life you begin to open the door to failures and disappointments that will cause you to trip and fall on your face. It won’t happen overnight but you have to learn to quiet your voice down and listen for God to speak to your heart it is there you will find your instruction.

Father, your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Without you I will run into the darkness, stumble and fall. I am your daughter and I pray that my mind and hear are open when you speak. I pray that my own voice will not overpower your instructions. Amen

~Written by Kendra~