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Stuck In A Tough Position

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I am stuck in a tough position. I have been at my job for a little over 2 years. I prayed for this job and felt like it was an answer to my prayer. My husband was let go from his job 10 months ago and since then, he has not been able to find another job. Well last month my job hired someone who was hired specifically to assist me with my work load. Little did I know that the new hire would be an ex boyfriend of mine. I had to train this guy and work closely with him for 2 weeks. I haven’t mentioned a word of this to my husband and it’s eating me up. I feel like he’s going to make me quit my job and we are in no predicament for me to quit being that my husband is unemployed. To me it’s innocent. My ex knows I’m married and he respects that. It’s strictly professional. In fact, he’s engaged to a beautiful woman also. I know my husband. No matter what I say, he will accuse me of something. What if he thinks I’m the one who got my ex the job? What if he thinks that my ex boyfriend is the one who got me the job? I want to come clean, but #1 I need my job and #2 I don’t see any good coming out of telling my husband honestly. It will only create more problems. I don’t want to tell my husband , but I know ‘not telling’ him is not an option. I have to. For my own sanity. For the sake of my marriage. I don’t want another month or even a year to go by. That will only make it worse. Can you all pray that it goes well. My prayer is that my husband will not have a closed mind and will allow me to keep my job. I pray that God softens his heart toward the news and we can work through this. I plan on telling him tonight. I will keep you guys posted. Please say a prayer for me.

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