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The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson Debuts at #1

You may remember a few months ago , Matthew Knowles (father of Beyonce Knowles) announced that he had signed Sunday Best’s third season winner, Le’Andria Johnson to his new gospel label, “Music World Gospel”. I’m starting to wonder if everything this man touches, turns to gold!

Released on Sept. 6,2011, Le’Andria’s debut album entitled “The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson” has managed to secure the #1 spot on the Gospel and Christian charts.

“We are profoundly thankful for the initial success of Le’Andria’s debut project,” said Mathew Knowles, founder, president and CEO of Music World Entertainment. “It shows the power of partnership between music labels and TV, when it is the right brand. We look forward to working with future ‘Sunday Best’ winners and contestants. The feedback from retail has been extremely positive. And the reaction of the music-buying public is very encouraging.  Le’Andria will have a worldwide platform to bring her music and her message to audiences near and far, and we believe she will continue to grow her fan base that she developed on ‘Sunday Best.’”

After being out of the national spotlight for over a year, Le’Andria states “It feels good. To God be the glory.”