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  • You Have a Choice: This Video Is The Truth

    This video is so on point. We’re stuck in a generation that doesn’t believe in picking up the phone to share important news. It’s so much easier to just post it on their Facebook Pages. I have a cousin who got married a couple of weeks ago and guess how myself and the rest of the […]

  • Prank It Fwd: She’s Got It Maid! (Video)

    Prank it FWD is known for it’s ‘Pranks for Good’, acts of kindness. This time they return with the story of Cara Simmons, a hardworking housekeeper and single mother of three who has devoted all her time to her job and her family. The people over at ‘Prank it Fwd’ […]

  • 20 Family Movies You Can’t Go Wrong With

    It’s Friday Night. The kids are home. Sometimes it’s refreshing just to spend a nice quiet night at home with the family instead of heading outdoors for some family fun. I must say, It’s a lot cheaper also. Ok I’ll admit this list may be a little biased because some of […]