New TV Show: ‘Answered Prayers’


Faith-driven woman of God producer, Roma Downey  follows her winning streak with “The Bible Series,” “Son of God” and “AD,” with a new show called ‘Answered Prayers‘ that focuses on the glory of God.

This six-part series follows the remarkable stories of people in life-threatening situations who have experienced moments so inexplicable, so incredible that they can only be described as divine intervention. The show will deliver faith unsweetened by using a blend of heart-wrenching interviews, thrilling recreations and dramatic real footage, each hour-long episode paints a vivid portrait of ordinary people who have faced extraordinary circumstances—and miraculously lived to tell the tale.

Each individuals unwavering faith and trust in the power of prayer has transformed potentially heartbreaking situations into stories of true inspiration—from a young boy buried for hours under eleven feet of sand, to the horror of a pastor stabbed 37 times, to a family that survives their car plunging upside down into an icy river bank.

The premiere episode introduces viewers to two amazing families. An Indiana mother hears the voice of God telling her to prepare for a possibly devastating storm and protect her three children.  She acts on her instinct and huddles in a closet with her husband and kids—mere moments before a tornado rips through their home, hurling it hundreds of feet through the air. Though she loses hold of her family, she never gives up faith that God will keep them safe, even if she can’t. Next, in Florida a young boy suffers a horrific lawnmower accident. Distraught, his parents make the agonizing decision to have his leg amputated—but pray for a sign they are doing the right thing. On the day of the operation, what their son sees on the ride to the hospital could be the answer to their prayers and may change his life…for good.

‘Answered Prayers’ premiers at 10 pm July 26 on TLC.

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