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    When The Competition Becomes Too Much

    We live in a competitive world.  From schools, offices, businesses, even in our own homes sometimes we deal with competition. Constantly competing can be tiring.  You spend your energy trying to be better than the other person, and when you think you are not good enough, you end up feeling […]

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    5 Ways To Deal With People Who Don’t Like You

    But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you- Matthew 5:44  Dealing with critics can be a big challenge.  It is hard, especially when they say things that hit below the belt—too personal and too sensitive a matter. How do you go on with life without letting critics […]

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    You Can’t Please Everybody

    You can never please everybody.  No matter how hard you may try.  It will only drive you crazy. No matter how hard you work, for some people, your effort will never be enough. No matter how much you try to force it, some things are not meant to be. No matter how […]