When The Competition Becomes Too Much


We live in a competitive world.  From schools, offices, businesses, even in our own homes sometimes we deal with competition.

Constantly competing can be tiring.  You spend your energy trying to be better than the other person, and when you think you are not good enough, you end up feeling frustrated.  

You never win when you compete with others.

The best way to win a competition is to beat your own record yesterday.  

Oprah Winfrey said  “when you run a race, it takes energy to look back and check how the other guys are doing, and you take that energy away from you. “

It is better to use all the energy that you have to focus on making yourself better.  Step up and find ways to improve yourself instead of plotting ways to beat your competition.  Control what you can.  Do not worry about what the other guy is doing because you cannot and you will never be able to control the other guy.  You can only control your actions.

If you are a business owner, it is healthy to keep yourself updated about the current market trend.  You have to be aware of what the public want and need so you can supply it.  It is unhealthy however to put your competitors down or undermine them.  Never try to ruin the other businesses’ reputation just so clients and customer will choose your service or product over them.  

The same is true with employees.  Spreading nasty rumors about your colleagues to make people hate them will not make you a better person.  In the end, your potential will show and the truth will always prevail.

Focus on honing your own skills.  Focus on what you can offer to make the company you work for better.  Focus on what you can contribute to make the world a better place by the little things you do.  Never underestimate the power of  a ripple effect.

When you give it your best every time, people will notice you.  Your company may not give you a raise.  Your boss may not promote you, but if you do your job with integrity and with so much passion, you will be calling the attention of the right people.  No great act remains unnoticed.

Keep in mind that even if people will not reward you for giving your best, the Lord will.  He knows when you sit and when you rise (Psalm 139:2).  He is an all-knowing God, and for Him you have always been a winner.