You Can’t Please Everybody

woman of diversity

You can never please everybody.  No matter how hard you may try.  It will only drive you crazy.

No matter how hard you work, for some people, your effort will never be enough.

No matter how much you try to force it, some things are not meant to be.

No matter how tightly you hold on to something or someone, not everyone and everything is meant to last or stay.

No matter how genuine and sincere the friendship you offer, and no matter how loyal you are, some people will still betray you, and there will still be those who will hate  your guts.

You will always be either too tall or too small, too fat or too skinny.

You will always be either too smart or too stupid.  

You will always be either too loud or too silent, too different or too boringly ordinary.

Accept the fact that some people make it their mission to criticize, undermine, and judge others.  They seem to wake up every day with the goal of hurting others.  

They don’t walk in your shoes, they weren’t with you every step you took that brought you where you are today.  They didn’t see your struggles, they never saw your tears, and they never heard your cries.

They don’t feel your pain, they don’t know your story, and they can’t read your mind.

Just as you will not always be pleased with everything and everyone around you, Not everyone will be pleased with you.

Life’s like that.

Jesus was Son of God but the high priests and Pharisees hated Him.  Because He made them look deeply into themselves and see their faults.  Because they knew He was right and their ego could not accept it.

It was never Jesus’ intention to please the people around Him.  He just did what He was tasked to do: to show the way, to shed light, to give hope to those who are put down by the society, to heal the sick, to help the sinners repent.  

People hating Him for doing His mission was part of the package, but He did not focus on them.  He knew better.  He knew that He would never reach His destination if He stopped to focus on His haters.  He focused on His core audience and ignored His hecklers.

You can’t please everybody.  So don’t be so hard on yourself for trying. The earlier you accept this fact, the happier your life will be.

Live and let live.