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What If Your Boaz is Waiting on You?

Woman Waiting on Boaz

Boaz is Waiting on You

One day, I was reading a few articles and I saw the words “What if he (Boaz) is waiting on you?”.

That stopped me in my tracks. What if a guy was truly waiting for me?

What if a guy was praying that I would allow God to shape, mold and refine me just for him.

Just like we Christ believing, bible reading, scripture praying single women in the sisterhood are waiting for a match, I believe the single Christ believing, bible reading, scripture praying men in the brotherhood are waiting for a match too.

Christian men are serious about asking God for and finding the “right” woman.

After chatting with several of my Christian male friends who are married with children, I realize they do exist.

Believe it or not, some men actually seek the Lord on who they should meet and marry.

They recounted the prayers they did for their now wives in addition to their own personal preparation. Those brothers were on a mission and found their “good thing” through God’s leading. And I’m sure God didn’t lead them to a sister who wasn’t ready.

If you are inquiring the Lord for this wonderful “Boaz” (or Joshua, David, Gideon etc) to come into your life, you need to be prepared or, at least, be willing to be prepared.

Be real with yourself and ask: am I truly allowing God to break, make and mold me for His glory? Or, am I waiting for the man to come and do the break, make and molding instead of God?

We shouldn’t want to be “fixed and made whole” by a boyfriend then be redeemed by the same man in a marriage. Sisters, that’s a heavy burden to place on earthly shoulders.

When the Lord allows for a brother in Christ to come into your life, his expectation is to begin a wonderful adventure, not wait for you to get your “act” together first.

And when I say act, I mean your prayer life, Christ walk, dreams, visions and goals. Nor should he wait for you to address the broken places that need healing in your life.

Our heavenly father is in heaven patiently waiting for us to allow him to do the healing and building, not “Boaz”.

Now, there are some situations where relationships may help to restore but ultimately our responsibility is to take every part of our lives to God for restoration.

You are the Lord’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). He has wonderful things set out for you to do and experience. How can you experience them if you neglect to go to Him to be prepared in order to receive them?

The Lord says, no good thing will I withhold from you (Psalm 84:11) and just like a parent, He will not give you anything he knows you are not ready for including the husband that pops up in your prayers and daydreams.

What if, just what if the “Boaz” in your head was to appear in the natural right now. Tall (or short), handsome and all you could ever ask or hope for.

Are you ready to join him or will you be scrambling around trying to get your life in order?

Let’s say he is very adamant about nurturing his relationship with the Lord and ministry? Are you just as adamant? I’ve heard some brothers in Christ say they want an equal in support, vision, and drive which is the short definition of a help-meet. Are you ready or capable of being that?

Preparation is a common theme in the bible. Look beyond the desire of a Friday night date and set your mind into improving the characteristics that would compliment the husband you are praying for and about.

Pray that God would prepare you. Address the old hurts, wounds, baggage and mindsets that may have kept you in the same place.

Whatever you are expecting Boaz to be and do, you should be that as well or the complement of.

Redeem your time by going into God’s presence to strengthen or re- establish your relationship with Him. Allow his mighty hands to prepare you. After all, Boaz just may be praying and waiting for you to do so.

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