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3 Biblical Truths To Keep Close During Times of Uncertainty

It’s been more than a year since the day my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It’s been more than a year of doctor visits, treatments, and paying hospital bills. Despite all the pain and struggles, I also realize that it’s been more so God’s overflowing provision, grace, love,...

When You Feel Stuck… This is What God Says

It’s been 7 painstaking months since my mother’s cervical cancer diagnosis. While it is something that helped me learn so much about myself as a child of God, I can’t deny the fact that it was the main reason I felt stuck. Stuck in my...

3 Valuable Lessons We Can All Learn From King David

Those who trust in the Lord will never be put to shame.

5 Bible Stories of Redemption

We've all been there, feeling guilty for having sinned against God. Feeling tired of saying sorry to Him but committing the same sins or worse over again. We beat ourselves up and think of thoughts not according to the will of God. Then the...

It’s Never Too Late to Live Happily Ever After!

Most people, if not all, have probably looked in the mirror once in their lives and hated what they saw. Some might have wished to change something about themselves physically. Some may have felt they are just not good enough and some may even flat out detest...

5 Things You Must Remember When Forgiveness Seems Impossible

5 Truths I've Learned and 5 Scriptures To Embrace When Hurting

When Life Hits You Hard: 5 Things To Remember and 5 Verses to Live By

Just when I thought everything was going perfect in my life, life threw me another curveball. My outgoing, outspoken and loving 54-year-old mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer - stage 3A. Worst news I've ever received in my entire life.   I don't know what you are dealing...