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12 Traits of a Godly Woman

Traits of a Godly Woman

a godly woman

What are some Traits of a Godly Woman?

We all want a Godly marriage. But you can’t be a Godly wife if you’re not living a Godly life.

What traits should a woman strive towards to become a Godly wife?

Here are 12 Traits of a Godly Woman …

1. A Godly Woman Always Seeks to be Modest in Her Dress. 

Then out came a woman to meet him, dressed like a prostitute and with crafty intent. (Proverbs 7:10)

By contrast, the ungodly woman’s clothing points to herself and her body instead of her Father in Heaven and His holiness.

Remember the words of Paul in the New Testament? God emphasizes a beauty of the unseen character.

The flesh flaunts the body, God beautifies the spirit.