3 Reasons God Wants You To Slow Down

1. It can distract you from your purpose

This is perhaps the most important reason to say no to being ‘busy doing good’.

Growing up, I was taught the importance of helping out. This is a good thing, but at times it can hurt my growth and progress because I take on much more than I am able, which distracts me from the things that actually matter.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do good or help out. Absolutely not! My point.. just don’t get so busy that you don’t have time for God.

It’s time for us to move from a place of doing what’s expected of us to doing the right thing as Christians. This requires that we deepen our relationship with God.

This will not only help us hear his voice, understand what he requires of us but also grow in wisdom to act according to His will for our lives.


Written by Chioma Oparadike

Chioma is a blogger. She writes on topics that encourage and inspire young women to live purposeful and meaningful lives.

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That’s true

Slow his mother down

That’s true.


True Very True

Dae-Zonae Cabbagestalk

Thank you for sharing . Great article and teachings .

thts tru

Nothing but d truth

Amen I can honestly say I have done this too

Wow this article is right on time!


DeWunmi A

This is a well written post!
I struggle with this on a daily basis, I sometimes feel i’m not doing enough to be “seen” as a christian who is working for God. Ultimately it’s not how much we do but what was already done 2000+ years go!
In fact,I always compare myself to my sister in these areas.
This is a wake up call to know what to prioritize in my walk with Christ.
Thank you!!

Amen that’s true..

Amen amen,

Why am I still single…

It’s true

Prayer change things in my life

Rachel Rose Ward

I have to keep remembering this