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3 Reasons God Wants You To Slow Down

2. It can affect your relationships in a negative way

Mary and Martha were sisters. We are not told if they were close, but we can assume that they didn’t have any serious issues.

But in the course of the story, you will notice that Martha was upset that her sister had failed to assist her. Martha went as far as reporting her sister’s actions to Jesus. This shows us  two things:

– Martha probably felt that she was right, after all she was the one seeing to the “physical” needs of the guests.

– She was happy to throw her sister ‘under the bus’, which may signify that there was some sibling rivalry.

How many times do we feel like reporting friends, siblings or even colleagues because we don’t feel like they are doing their part? This may make us judgmental, proud and unforgiving. Not the traits to build lasting relationships, right?

In our quest to be good and do what we believe to be the right thing, we have to be careful to avoid placing any unfair expectations on others.

We all form different parts of the body of Christ, which means each one of us have our own gifts, skills and purpose. We have to not only watch our words, but also our actions and the effect it has on others.