3 Things to Remember When Relationships End

when relationships end

2. It will get better.

While in college, I had a friend who committed suicide following a breakup with her boyfriend. For years I was consumed with guilt.

I would often think back to her last day on earth, she called me… I didn’t answer. Maybe if I had answered and reminded her that “It will get better”, she would still be here.

She just wanted the pain to end. Here she was 19 years old, had her whole life ahead of her, yet she couldn’t see life beyond this young man.

If you’re going through a difficult breakup, just know that it will get better. God heals all wounds. You don’t have to suffer alone.

Whenever you start to think evil thoughts, Read your bible, Pray, and call a loved one who can offer spiritual guidance and Godly advice.

Whatever you do, Don’t allow the enemy to use this difficult time to get you right where he wants you.

3. Be Careful What You Pray For

Some of us are praying for a husband. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is… some of us are in relationships with people who are not intended to be our husband.

In this case, You can’t get mad at God when He removes the wrong one from your life to make room for the right one.

With that being said, you have two choices:

1. Let God guide you through the healing process and prepare you while you wait patiently for the right one.

2. Become bitter, Live in reverse, and Refuse to move forward.

If you are bold enough to pray the prayer, be wise enough to trust God with the outcome.


Written by The Praying Woman

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