4 Ways to Get Back on Track With God

2. Go back to church.   

The day that you decide to do this all sorts of reasons why you shouldn’t will pop into your head –

“Everyone will be looking at me”;

“What if all the back seats are taken and I have to sit up or close to the front?”

“What about the questions – how will i answer them?”

When this happens, bear this in mind: it is the devil’s intention to keep you where you are currently. It is his intention that you continue living that lifestyle of sin.

The enemy knows that as soon as you put your foot into that church door that he has lost you.

He knows that a word from God will penetrate and cause conviction (2 Corinthians 7:10).

He also knows that you will be embraced and welcomed just as the Father did to the prodigal son.

So he will play with your mind. Ignore him. Don’t give him any room –  get up and go!