5 Things That Could Be Blocking God’s Work In You

5. Disobedience

Psalm 119:29 issues a plea to God that we all need to echo: “Keep me from lying to myself.”

We all do it. Even when we don’t lie to ourselves overtly, we keep busy enough to avoid looking at the true reality of a situation. So often we are ignorant of our own blind spots.

The prophet Isaiah addressed the people of his day, hoping to shake them up so they could see the truth from which they had turned away.

He upbraided them for their empty religious ritualism, urged them to turn from the idols they were worshipping, and warned them of the coming downfall of the kingdom if they did not change.  He could just as easily have been talking to us today.

It would be natural to think that the key to overcoming willful ignorance is knowledge, but that is not the case. The key is obedience.

To understand why this is true, there’s no better explanation than what we find in the Bible. To know God’s will we have to do more than just read about it; we have to do what he tells us to do.

John 8:31-32 tells us if we follow the teachings of Christ, we will come to know the truth.

We read the truth and incorporate it into our lives.

We respond by doing the right thing.

Acting on truth removes our blind spots because truth helps us see beyond those blind spots into the wide-open vistas of reality. All truth is from God, and truth conforms us to the way he created us to live.

Because he loves us, he created us to live in ways that produce the most satisfying, joyful, loving, and harmonious lives possible.

You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (John 8:32).