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10 Signs God Is Trying To Get Your Attention

God Is Trying To Get Your Attention

God Is Trying To Get Your Attention

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you just don’t have peace in your life?

Does it seem like no matter what you try, a particular situation gets worse instead of better?

You’re praying for answers, but God just doesn’t seem interested in answering any time soon.

Maybe God is trying to speak to you about a situation in your life. Here are 10 Signs God Is Trying To Get Your Attention…

1. The Word Convicts You

Students of the Bible know that “the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart”(Hebrews 4:12), and that the Word of God exposes us all as guilty before God.

Nothing is hidden from Him (Hebrews 4:13), so if you read some Bible verses that really convict you deeply, God may be trying to tell you something, and using His own written Word to do it.

Whatever it was that convicted you may be what God’s trying to get your attention for.

2. Financial Storm

Every one has times of their lives when they encounter storms.

Sometimes we don’t even see them coming and we’re blindsided, but other times we see it coming, but we’re still helpless to do anything about it. Is that you?

Is God using a financial difficulty to get your attention? Have you not been giving to others…or tithing? Has money become more of a priority in your life than God?

Maybe it’s something else. Getting near the bottom dollar is scary. That will get your attention.

3. Symbolism

God can get your attention through pictures and symbols. When The Holy Spirit steers your focus somewhere and then speaks spiritually through the moment, listen carefully.

4. People Confirm

The Lord will use family, close friends and even total strangers to speak a word into your life that will pierce an area God is trying to deal with.

5. Pattern of a certain direction

Do you feel The Lord leading you in a certain direction?

It might seem that He told you to start your own business or write a book. You’ll soon start noticing more and more a trend or pattern of occurrences pushing you in that direction

6. Increase of internal momentum

Your spirit begins to engage and respond to the voice and will of God. You will begin to feel internally motivated to understand God’s direction, advice or warning.

7. Sensitivity

Your spiritual sensitivity will heighten and engage in deeper understanding.

Simple activities, like watching a movie or T.V. show, will speak to you in different ways that have depth of meaning others might not get.

8. A Lack of Peace

There’s a feeling of uneasiness. Sometimes distraction can deafen our ears to the voice of The Holy Spirit.

In this case, the absence of peace is a loud and clear sign.

I heard one man who was thinking about going on a missionary trip to South America. He was prepared, well equipped, and had raised all the funds necessary (as missionaries sometimes do), but as he got closer to departure, he didn’t have peace about it. He couldn’t explain it, but he knew he wasn’t supposed to go on this trip.

He ends up not going, and his wife falls terribly ill. If he had left, he would have left behind his spouse who was now gravely ill.

When you don’t have peace about something, it may be God telling you, “No,” “Wait” or “I’ve got something better.”

9. Discomfort

Yes God does come after our comfort zones to get through to us. If you’re experiencing transition or life change, ask God to speak to you and give Him your undivided attention.

10. The response requires change

God’s beckoning always requires a response and almost always requires a change in our life.

This is why we try to ignore Him, because change is the last thing we want to do.

One thing for sure, the reward of obedience is far better than staying where you’re at.