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  • What Does Your Attitude Say About Your Faith?

    black woman stressed out

    Have you heard the saying “your attitude will determine your altitude?” I believe as Christians our attitudes can block our blessings. It can block us from growing. Our attitude in the wilderness showcases our faith and how much we trust God. We have to understand that God is who He says […]

  • Are Our Blessings Tied To Obedience?

    woman checking watch

    At times our journey of faith can be very challenging. I really admire Abraham’s testimony in the bible. I think it exemplifies our journey as believers. I love to reflect back on Abrahams journey and how he was able to overcome so many obstacles. In the New Testament James called him a […]

  • Smiling On the Outside, But Crying on The Inside

    woman stressing over finances

    How many of us are dealing with emotional sickness? A broken heart is the source of emotional sickness. It is the excess baggage we carry around that the eyes of others cannot see. Smiling on the outside, but inside we’re crying. Recently, I went to a women’s prayer meeting at […]

  • The Real Reason You Are Going Through It…

    Sad woman holding her forehead with her hand

    What if I told you the reason you are facing this situation, problem, or challenge right now? What if I told you it’s because the devil has a plan to get your focus off God and to get you to focus on your situation, problem, or challenge. He’s trying his best to […]

  • When God is Not First

    Woman suffering from Depression

    In the last year and a half I experienced one of the biggest blows life has ever dealt me. As a young woman I accepted Christ at 22 fresh out of college. I was this determined and ambitious individual with no God. To make a long story short after accepting […]