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Christian Singles: 5 Red Flags That Could Save You Time and Heartache

Most women will spend most of their lives waiting on a man to get his act together. Through the ups and downs, good and bad, we remain patient. Even if the bad times out weigh the good, we still find a way to hold on to hope. We have faith in the relationship and believe that everything is going to work out no matter how bad things look.

That’s the kind of faith God expects us to have in Him. However, that’s not always the case. In fact, we are sometimes quick to blame God when relationships end. Not realizing that He was showing us the necessary caution lights, warning signs, and red flags all along.

As a single Christian myself, I know that the dating game can be kind of hard. Everything always seems perfect in the beginning. That is, until you start to see the “real” them.

Sometimes the red flags are there from the beginning, but we choose to ignore them. So what are some of the red flags that could save you time and heartache?

I’m a Christian and he’s not!

I’ve been there and done this one! All I can say is that my situation didn’t turn out well, But that doesn’t have to be the case for anyone else. Here’s why I say that… I believe that God bring people in your life for a reason.

IF wanting a relationship with God is something that he has been battling with himself about, It’s possible that you may be the blessing God uses to make this happen. But he has to desire a relationship with God, not just because he wants to be with you.

He’s moving too fast!

We all know that as Christian women, we are not supposed to have sex until married anyway. BUT, Christian or no Christian, there’s no way a guy should even mention sex to you if he hasn’t mentioned anything about being in a relationship or building some sort of future with you.

He doesn’t want to get married!

Yes, I know… people say things they don’t really mean all the time and people can’t predict what they’ll do when they’re in love. Love can make people feel and do things they have never before felt or done.

However, I’ve learned that when a guy doesn’t see marriage in his future, it’s usually an underlying reason why… and until you get to the bottom of his issues, I wouldn’t waste my time.

He interferes with my time with Christ!

Self explanatory. This shouldn’t even be debatable or up for discussion. I always tell my friends… “Never let the hand you hold, Hold you back” . Plain and simple!

Everyone should have a set time that we set aside just for Christ. Whether it be reading our bible, meditating, praying, praising through music, etc. Your dating life should never interfere with your quality time with Christ.

I haven’t met his family yet!

I personally think that new relationships should be tested before the two of you decide to introduce one another to your families.

Especially if there are kids involved. Typically 3-6 months (depending on how much time you guys spend together). IF a whole year has passed and you still haven’t met his family/ kids, THERE’S a BIG problem!