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When God Ends Your Relationship: 4 Ways to Know it’s God

Some relationships are only meant to be a season instead of a lifetime. When Your Relationship Ends: Here are 4 Ways to Know it's God

3 Signs You’re Settling For Less Than God’s Best

One of the biggest challenges in life is to make sure we are living out God's will and not our own. Even though sometimes we are content where we are, something just seems to be missing. You can't pinpoint the problem , but it just doesn't feel...

How to Pray : 5 Tips For a Better Prayer Life

If you're not sure how to pray or what to pray, you're not alone. Open the doors to a powerful prayer life with these five tips.

5 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Man

Most people who find themselves in a long term relationship with an abusive person, stay because they are either scared to leave or they think they can change their abuser. You can’t change the unhealthy behaviors of an abuser. They have to want to change....

15 Best Christian Apps of 2019

Looking for the best Christian apps of 2019? We've got you covered with this list of devotional, bible apps, and prayer apps.