4 Ways To Cope With Grief and Loss During the Holidays

Grief slows us down and sometimes loss can stop us in our tracks. But God will give us the strength to endure it all!

End The Vicious Cycle Today

You may have had an ongoing family feud since you can remember.  You and your parents have unresolved issues.  You just can't seem to see eye to eye on anything these days. You and your siblings have a sibling rivalry.  You want to be at peace, you want to...

20 Family Movies You Can’t Go Wrong With

It's Friday Night. The kids are home. Sometimes it's refreshing just to spend a nice quiet night at home with the family instead of heading outdoors for some family fun. I must say, It's a lot cheaper also. Ok I'll admit this list may be a...

Praying For Family Through a Hardened Heart

For the last few years, particularly after my family and I lost my mother who was very much the spiritual glue in the family, I’ve watched my family spiral out of control. Losing touch with God and my mother’s memory, I have seen how...

Trusting God To Restore Our Family

Dear Praying Women, I'm in desperate need of prayers. The more, the better.