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Healing For My Marriage


Prayer Request:

My husband and I have been going through a tough time in our marriage. It started last summer. I met a man that became a friend and he started paying attention to me the way my husband used to. I ended up sleeping with him. It was only once but that was more than enough. I told my husband and we started counseling. My husband filed for divorce in October. I moved out in December because of the separation. I was gone for 2 months. One month after I left he had another woman. After 2 months of being separated I told my husband that I didn’t want to be separated any more and that I wanted to move home. He let me move home in March. He had his lawyer file reconciliation papers in April and in August our divorce was dismissed. During all this time we were doing all sorts of family things; camping, fishing, you name it. But he is still talking on the phone with this other woman. My pastor and associate pastors, friends and family have been praying for us, as I have been. I just don’t know if I should reach out to this woman and tell her to stop talking to my husband or if I should just keep praying that God will take care of it. I just need prayer for strength and determination for me. And pray that my husbands heart hardens toward this woman and that her heart hardens toward him. I know that if they didn’t have contact we could fully reconcile. I just think he see’s her as a “just in case”.

What are your thoughts? Any advice for this young lady? …Please be nice! 🙂