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Don’t Know How Much More I Can Take


Prayer Request:

My husband and I have been married for 11 years straight out of college. My husband never wanted me to work. He wanted me to stay at home and raise our kids. I was totally against being a housewife, but after some time I finally gave in. 11 years later I think that was the biggest mistake of my life. My husband used to make 6 figures when we married. He was let go from his high paying job after being there for 8 years. We tried opening and maintaining a couple of businesses since then but they both flopped. Now my husband makes almost minimum wage. We’re barely making it. He has just taken on a second job. He works double shifts and we barely see him. My kids cry all the time because he’s never home anymore. I’m trying to get a job but no one will hire me because I have no work history even though I have a degree. My husband is a good man, hard working, but he is killing himself trying to work these 2 jobs. He barely sleeps, He barely eats. He sometimes goes to work in pain because he can’t afford to call out because he has stomach problems. He doesn’t go to church anymore because he’s working. No bible study because he’s working. I feel like the enemy has a strong hold on our family right now. I feel so helpless right now. Please pray for a breakthrough from God. I’m not sure how much more I can take.

Prayers going up! Any encouraging words for this young lady?