Keep On Keeping On

jogging woman

When you keep on giving your all at your job, worked diligently and with integrity yet promotion seems to be out of the way…keep on keeping on.
When you keep on loving unconditionally, caring constantly, and people don’t appreciate you…keep on keeping on.
When you keep on being kind, generous, understanding and still receive unkindness and inconsideration…keep on keeping on.
When you keep on taking care of your health but your doctor told you some bad news…keep on keeping on.
When you keep on praying earnestly, calling on God’s name but your prayers seem to fall on deaf ears…keep on keeping on.
Things will not always go your way. Life will not always be easy. Guess what? It has never been!

Everyone has been treated unjustly, hurt badly, betrayed, battered, and bruised. Nobody’s exempted.
Keeping on with what is right may be difficult when everyone’s doing what’s wrong and still get their reward.
That colleague of yours who does nothing but doze off, trash talk, and work deceitfully got the promotion that you feel you deserve more. Don’t be discouraged. Your boss or company may not have noticed you. Soon, someone else will.
Your friend whom you treated as family betrayed you. Don’t stop being a good friend to others. That’s their choice. Make your own.
That person whom you swore to love and give your all chose to leave you. Maybe even during the worst time of your life. Don’t swear off love just because one person gave you a wrong idea of it.
You have been diagnosed with something modern science has not found a cure of yet. That does not mean you stop living and trying. Miracles happen every day to those who choose to believe.
Keep on doing good. Keep on loving. Keep on rejoicing.
For the trouble you face today is nothing compared to the reward that awaits you.
You may not see it yet. Just keep on keeping on and one day your faith will bring you to the answers of all your questions.